One of our patients established a well written and informative blog, Life as a Young Adult with RSD /CRPS. She started Calmare Therapy with us this week after interacting with us and our patients on Facebook. She is chronicling her Calmare experience on this blog and we’d like to share her most recent post. You can also subscribe to her blog to follow her progress.

Calmare Day 3 Update- A Fantastic Day!

So had session 3 today of calmare. It went really well. By the time i got home, my pain level was at about a 4 out of ten.  Keep in mind that’s after a long commute down the Jersey Turnpike. it remained that most of the day. It spiked a bit in my back when i lifted some heavy containers (stupid me!), but my legs remained at a 4! I took a shower tonight and i have to say it was probably the first time i actually enjoyed  a shower in at least a year! I could shave my legs and use shower gel on a poof and the water actually felt great! I’m very pleased with how much the sensitivity to touch has decreased! I didn’t expect that to happen! I was only expecting pain relief. In fact, it lowered the spiked back pain back to a four! Now its almost bedtime, my worst time and my pain’s at about a 5 out of ten. I’m really pleased! And i blowdryed and straightened my hair! I haven’t straightened my hair since the fall of 2011.