May 10, 2012

Earlier this year, we reported on several children and teens who were successfully treated with Calmare Therapy. One of those children was 12-year-old Jamie from Ohio who came to New Jersey with his mother after traveling around the country trying to find a solution to his pediatric shoulder neuropathy after a sledding accident.

We we delighted to receive this update three months after treatment, along with some great images of Jamie enjoying life again (by getting drenched in this fountain in front of his exasperated but joyful Mom, Joan). We’ve posted her update below.

But let me be clear– this post is not suggesting that Calmare is a one-time-fix for every patient and all types of chronic pain.  In fact, it is quite common for patients to need booster treatments at some point if there is a pain recurrence. This is typically one to three treatments, on average, versus the initial 10-treatment regime.

Dr. Cooney,

Jamie has been pain-free for 12 weeks (as of yesterday) !!!
Thought you might like to see a few photos of him NOT getting wet last weekend 😉  As you can see, he was having fun.  Thanks again for giving him his life back.

P.S.  He fenced for over an hour in class yesterday, winning all but one match and also had energy for a 30 minute lesson afterwards.  He is even doing push-ups and jumping rope!