It will be my honor (again) to be a guest on Joseph Aquilino’s “RSD and You” Blog Talk radio program on Friday, April 13 from 3 to 4 pm Eastern time. I’ve had the privilege of guesting on Joey’s program a number of times and welcome you to listen, call in and share your thoughts or ask questions.

Around 3 pm just click on this link and register if you wish to post on the live wall or call in

Joey is a nationally recognized advocate of RSD research and has lived with a severe case of the disease since 2008. He is a gentleman and seeks only to help others lessen the debilitating pain from RSD.

These past few months have been incredibly busy and I have several new Calmare topics to discuss and some (patient-approved) case studies to share.

On May 1 at 2 pm Eastern time, I will be a guest for the first time on “Winning Life Through Pain,” hosted by Marla Martindale.

I hope you’ll join me for these programs.

Dr. Cooney