By Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Rutherford Allied Medical Group

A colleague shared this important article from the Wall Street Journal,Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain” that perfectly describes Calmare Therapy’s MC-5A technology, a pain-free and  drug free solution that rewires the brain’s messaging system.

How does Calmare work, in simple terms?

It distracts the patient from the pain and stimulates other areas of the brain by:

  • Activating the C fibers to the brain and taking “no pain” messages from adjacent areas and moving that artificial message through the spine to the brain.

The result?

What is the treatment protocol?

We administer 45-minute daily treatments over 10 consecutive days to “rewire” the malfunction in the brain’s pain processing pathways. 

The article references acupuncture treatments interrupting the pain signal. Calmare also interrupts the pain signal but uses various algorithms which does not permit the brain to accommodate and develop a tolerance to the stimulus.

Please remember we are treating long-term pain patients who have already tried other treatments, medications and therapies.  Calmare is not a placebo but a change in perception of what is felt at the local pain point–an analgesic approach which breaks the somatosensory cortex’s ability to feel the pain. It’s important to note that with most of our patients, it has been shown objectively, through a variety of tests, that the area of pain does not actually have any tissue damage. The pain is neurologically based.

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for this exciting, accurate and relevant article in treating the “pain in the brain.”