The Surgeon General of the United States Army and Commanding General of the United States Army Medical Command approved the use of Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment at their flagship medical center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C., for injured soldiers and other military personnel.

 According to the American Pain Society, nine out of 10 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans return home with some form of pain and about 60 percent have significant pain, mainly from the “cumulative effect of exposure to recurring blasts.”

 “The pain constellation exhibited by returning service members is the most complex situation I have ever seen in my 30 years of practice and calls for a revolutionary new approach to simultaneously address the spectrum of shared, common symptoms across these severe disorders,” said Michael E. Clark, Ph.D., clinical director of the Veteran Administration’s largest pain management and rehabilitation program in Tampa.

Not all wounds of war leave a scar. Some of the worst injuries are incurred when soldiers are jolted during travel, protecting themselves from attack, or surviving an explosion where the soldier is thrown, but not visibly wounded. These injuries are often the worst. Left untreated, this can result in muscle skeletal joint pain, a chronic aching that won’t go away. Use of Calmare Pain Relief Therapy provides chronic pain relief without addictive pain medications or invasive surgery.

 Rutherford Allied Medical is proud to offer Calmare Therapy, available in fewer than 20 locations nationwide.

 Dr. Michael Cooney