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Welcoming our first Calmare patient from the UK

The past week has been a tough one on us personally and professionally. Thankfully, we were able to keep the office operational throughout most of the storm. All of us sustained significant destruction of our homes but that is only brick and mortar (and a lot of mud…) which can be repaired and rebuilt.
Remarkably, one of our new patients was able to fly into NJ from England over the weekend in order to start her Calmare Therapy as scheduled beginning yesterday. What a remarkable woman to make the journey in search of a solution to her chronic pain as a result of  CRPS/RSD in the left foot and knee for more than two years! Other therapies and drugs did not lessen or alleviate her pain.  She read about our positive results treating RSD using Calmare and made the long (and painful) journey here to start treatment. We look forward to keeping you updated on her progress.

A Pain-Free Solution to Intractable Chronic Pain

The news about Calmare seems to just get better and better. The Mayo Clinic is preparing to launch a clinical study on Calmare’s scrambler therapy solution to chronic pain this year.  “Good Morning America” just completed an interview with a young patient  in Utah who is showing remarkable progress with Calmare pain therapy after being struck by lightning. And now, for the first time in the state of New Jersey, we are proud to offer this drug-free therapy to CIPN patients and others suffering far too long with intractable cancer pain, failed back surgery syndrome, sciatic and lumbar pain, PHN, low back pain and so many other causes of chronic pain. We welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your condition or that of a loved one. It’s truly a new day in the fight against medication-resistant pain.