When Calmare Therapy links India to Pennsylvania

indiaEven after using the Internet and social media every day for many years, it still never ceases to amaze me. This morning is a perfect example:  I received a message from a physician in India who is using Calmare Therapy for his patients there, with equally successful patient outcomes. He found our practice after watching our patient, Deena Lotridge, share her Calmare story on YouTube

We’ve sent Dr. Kuppusami a response and look forward to sharing a common bond (and clinical experiences) with each other, even if his practice is several thousand miles away.

Unfortunately, the ties the bind that two of us are pain. But, together, on different sides of the world, we fight the battle side-by-side.

2 responses to “When Calmare Therapy links India to Pennsylvania

  1. Constance Marley

    I have had RSD for six years now, ben there done that..no relief but I’m hoping that somehow I will get to try this calmar treatment. no family around no friends its really tough

    • Dear Ms. Marley,

      Thank you for posting your message and we are sorry to hear of your long (and frustrating) battle with RSD. We have heard the same disappointment from many patients so you are not alone. Please feel free to call our office and speak with Dr. Cooney. He talks with people about Calmare every day and is happy to do so.

      Wishing you a low pain day and we look forward to talking soon.

      Kind regards, Calmare Therapy NJ

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