“Get to Know Calmare” event offered exclusively for podiatrists

Foot stepping legsAs one of just a few healthcare practitioners in the country certified to provide Calmare scrambler therapy, I’ve had the privilege to partner with a variety of physicians ─ physiatrists, family doctors, orthopedists and podiatrists ─ to help their treatment resistant patients overcome neuropathy (when other therapies and medications simply didn’t work).

Many of the patients we help are suffering from lower extremity pain, often concentrated in the ankles and feet. The origins of this pain are varied: trauma and injury; RSD / CRPS; post-surgical pain, diabetic neuropathy and pain from chemotherapy treatment.

As a result, I am inviting podiatrists from the New Jersey / New York metro area on Wednesday, June 19, to offer a presentation of our pain-free, side-effect-free scrambler therapy and explain its benefits to patients with chronic lower extremity pain. We will meet for dinner here in the Rutherford, NJ area and I’ll offer an overview of the benefits of the therapy, what patients and conditions might be suitable for treatment, and answer questions.  I’ll also share some recent patient case studies.

If you are a podiatrist in the New York, New Jersey region, please feel free to call our office at 201.933.4440 and we’ll be happy to provide additional details and reserve seating for you. There is no fee to attend and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Dr. Michael Cooney

2 responses to ““Get to Know Calmare” event offered exclusively for podiatrists

  1. Constance Marley

    how do I get in touch with these people and get to see one of their Doctors, I don’t drive don’t have anyone to take me, would have to fly, where would I stay, is there anyone in Florida that does this treatment?

    • Dear Mrs. Marley,

      Our Calmare site is located in New Jersey, just minutes from New York City and Newark Airport, in NJ.

      There are 10 certified providers in the United States. Keep in mind, there are additional providers, but all are not *certified.*

      Here is a list of providers located across the country: http://calmarett.com/locations.html

      Most of our patients come from outside New Jersey and stay in nearby hotels during their 10-days of treatments (45 minutes to 1 hour/day). We are pleased to offer this list of recommended accommodations for your use:

      *Out of Town Patient Information*: http://calmaretherapynj.com/contact-us/out-of-town-patient-info/

      You can travel by cab back and forth to treatment and your hotel.

      Most importantly, please call us to talk about your personal medical history and condition so we can determine if traveling to NJ for treatment would be fruitful for you. We speak to people from around the country every day and are happy to do so.

      I hope this has offered you some preliminary information.

      Kind regards, Dr. Michael J. Cooney Director Calmare Therapy NU *201. 933 . 4440*

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