Seventy-years-old is NOT too old for Calmare scrambler therapy

old man's handMarch 12, 2013

I received a query from a senior male asking if he was  “too old”  to undergo Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment. After reviewing his medical history and discussing previous therapies and medications used, I learned that he underwent hand surgery two years ago and endured post surgical pain ever since. His pain eventually resulted in a CRPS diagnosis from his doctor.  He said even in chronic pain, he was still able to drive, but the pain level was increasing progressively and side effects from his prescribed pain medication was making him feel unsteady on his feet and “cranky”.

He is from Monmouth County here in New Jersey. When we met last month, I was surprised to learn that this gentleman was living every day of his long-awaited retirement with an 8/9 pain level.

His neuropathy was concentrated in a very specific area of the hand, so placement of the Calmare leads was relatively direct. After five one-hour treatments, his pain was consistently a 3/4. Much to his delight, he no longer needs to use Gabapentin (Neurontin) which caused ongoing dizziness, emotional confusion and depression.

This isn’t the first senior who has experienced a positive outcome with scrambler therapy and (I hope) it won’t be the last. If you or a loved one is suffering their senior years in pain, I’d be happy to talk with you. Here’s to more happy endings down the road.

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