Calmare Therapy to be featured on “Aches and Gains” Feb. 16

facebookFebruary 12, 2013

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Paul Christo, one of the nation’s foremost experts on pain management. He hosts the only radio program devoted exclusively to chronic pain issues, “Aches and Gains,” broadcast on WBAL Radio 1090 AM. I’m delighted to say he willdr. christo be devoting the Feb. 16  program (airing at 8 p.m. Eastern) exclusively to Calmare Therapy. The episode will also include an interview with a Calmare patient who had very positive results from the treatment.

If you aren’t able to access the show from your viewing area, we’ll post the podcast here after the air date. This particular program means a lot to me because of Dr. Christo’s reputation in the field of pain management and his willingness to feature a newer treatment for pain that is drug-free, pain-free and without side effects. But this is only the beginning. This year we have plans to knock on the doors of the most important health and wellness media outlets to tell them about Calmare and how it can help so many people suffering every day with many types of chronic pain. This is only the beginning.

7 responses to “Calmare Therapy to be featured on “Aches and Gains” Feb. 16

  1. Looking forward to listening! Love that it streams live (I am in Missouri!).

  2. I will listen in. helpful information on your website. too many of us living and dying of pain. know you are trying to help us.

  3. Anonymous for Privacy

    I would like to get more information. My wife has been suffering with PHN after having shingles last year. She overcame the condition but not the constant pain. Saw the article about the other woman who was helped. She is close to 70 years old. Is this a problem?

    • Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear about your wife’s PHN. Yes, Joan’s story has been a wonderful one to share and she continues to do well with periodic booster treatments. To answer your question, there are no age limitations for Calmare Therapy. The best place to start would be talking personally with you and/or your wife about her medical history, other medical conditions, pain treatments to date and current medications. Please feel free to call me at the office at 201.933.444zero. With best regards, Dr. Michael Cooney

  4. Beth Ann Davidson

    Our RSD awareness group is trying to get Dr. Oz to address the topic (very difficult). You should go on that show and talk about Calmare. Not enough people know about it.

  5. Meredith from IL

    This is great news, Dr. C. We are all doing well here and don’t think she’ll need a booster any time soon :) thanks so, so much for all you are doing for our RSD community. Say hi to Kathy and Barbara for me.

  6. I listen to Dr. Christo’s show a lot as I don’t get out much. He’s a brilliant man. He must have faith in what you all are doing. Will listen in.

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