Caitlyn returns 10 months later for a Calmare booster treatment

January 15, 2013

caitlyn's DadMost of our Calmare patients have driven around the chronic-pain-treatment-block more times than they can count. Eventually, some become skeptical and less hopeful that a new treatment will work (rightfully so). Caitlyn was here at the beginning of 2012 with her father for treatment of RSD which she had lived with for three long years.  Her father readily admitted he feared Calmare was another “snake oil” therapy but he also refused to give up the fight to help his 16-year-old daughter. If you recall, her outcome was fantastic.  Mr. Bailor shared his experience here

Caitlyn is in town for one or two booster treatments. Due to the severity of her case, my presumption was that she would be back during the summer.  I was very pleased to be wrong, in this case.

2 responses to “Caitlyn returns 10 months later for a Calmare booster treatment

  1. I can’t wait till Medicare approves this. My husband has suffered with neuropathic pain for 15 years. Do you think that once the Mayo Clinic Clinical Trials come out Medicare might budge?

    • Dear Diana,

      I am sorry to hear of your husband’s long term neuropathy. It is very stressful for caregivers. You posed an excellent question. In a nutshell, we need as many Calmare Therapy clinical trials as we can to force the issue with Medicare and all insurance companies. As you might have seen in one of my earlier posts, some of our patients have battled back against government and private insurance initial “claim denials” and have ultimately won some level of reimbursement

      I hope we can stay in touch about this matter and I wish you and your husband well.

      Dr. Michael Cooney

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